heavy metal

Shroudeater Bio

Band members
Jean Saiz - guitar/vocals Janette Valentine - bass Felipe Torres - drums

alt metal

The forceful SHROUD EATER formed January 2009 in the sweltering heat of Miami, FL. The high temperatures must serve as a catalyst for the trio's distinctive cave-man style powerhouse drumming and sub-sonic low end fury, thick aggressive, angular guitar riffs and raw, throaty yelling.

Within 6 months of their formation, they recorded and independently released a 3 song demo EP (mixed & mastered by Torche's Jonathan Nuñez). Drawing comparisons to Kylesa, The Jesus Lizard, High on Fire, Helmet, and others, the EP is being hailed as an unorthodox hybrid of AmRep style noise-rock meets sludgy, stoner-metal fury - a welcome respite from current warmed over cliches, and establishing the trio's style as unique, distinct, disconcerting and massive - a definitive band to look out for in the coming year.
Shroud Eater is currently gigging in the South Florida area, and are poised to begin recording their debut full-length summer of 2010.

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