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Formed in 1998, Barium is a high energy, technical, melodic metal/hardcore band from Maine that is on its way to a successful future in the music world.

Barium defies the basic rules of music. Straying from the usual format of "verse, chorus, cut and paste" writing process, Barium blends a variety of theories and emotions into a melting pot of original sounds. This impacts the listener in such a way that they often want to hear and learn more about the band. With influences ranging from blues to jazz to hardcore/metal, Barium uses their love of music and respect of other bands and artists to help them push their own musical limits.

Combining music theory and emotion together fuels Barium's chaotic and energetic stage show. With band members jumping off speaker cabinets and swinging their instruments in fits of musical rage, a spectator may have trouble discerning whether or not they are playing their instruments or attempting to destroy them.

Barium's individual talents are an essential part of the band. Singer Nick Noble has attended an array of formal vocal training, including two years of private lessons and classes in performance and theory at Berklee College of music. Drummer Daniel McKellick has eight years of drumming experience and seven years of formal drum classes, but has transcended the limits of formal drumming by developing his own unique style. Guitarist Sean Morin uses his three years of training and raw natural talent to shape the band's sound. Bassist Bill Dunton uses his background in exploratory jazz/funk and natural talent to propel the rhythm, while second guitarist Enoch Jensen adds depth and fullness to the sound.

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