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Band members
Tobias Sidegård - Vocals Johan Norman - Rhythm Guitar Ewo Solvelius - Lead Guitar Alex Friberg - Bass Jonas Blom - Drums

death metal
black metal
swedish metal

The dawn of Trident begun when Johan Norman (Soul reaper, Dissection) who had been away from the scene for a few years started to sense a strong urge to get back in to it. The riffs, ideas and musical arrangements in his blackened mind had grown way to powerful to be thrown into oblivion. The true Death/Black fans all over the world just had to be part of this outburst from below.

During summer of 2007 he ran into Alexander Friberg (Necrophobic, Karneywar), a highly skilled bass player who just had left his former band, at a local pub in Gothenburg. Realizing they had the same ideas when it came to music making and philosophy in general they decided to make something out of this together.

In search of the right horrifying voice and a wicked frontman Johan contacted Tobias Sidegård, the voice in cult Death Metallers Necrophobic and an old time friend. Tobias became really enthusiastic when hearing the material. He quickly understood the greatness of Trident and decided to join with a full time commitment.

Now standing in front of maybe the most tricky piece in this diabolical puzzle. To find a available drummer who could manage to handle these insanely fast blastbeats and morbid tempo changes. Working with drum machine over a few of months they finally came in contact with Jonas Blom (Grief of Emerald). A most talented musician and experienced Death Metal drummer.

Over a couple of months numerous guitarists where being auditioned but when it came around to it none of them seemed to have the right skills or mentality to be involved in a band like this. Luckily Johan had heard rumors of Ewo Solvelius, a string torturer so far pretty unknown to the scene. Johan contacted Ewo and after a dark weekend of guitar shred and mindrazing there was no hesitation at all that Ewo was the perfect recruit for Trident.

The ultimate lineup was settled for Trident and the serious work could begin.

The darkened era of Trident has just begun. Prepare to die…

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