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Icarus Witch Bio

Icarus Witch
Band members
Matthew Bizilia - Vocals Quinn Lukas - Guitar Ed Skero - Guitar Jason "Sin" Myers - Bass, Keyboards Steve Johnson - Drums


Classic heavy metal is alive and well and living in Pittsburgh, PA, in the leather-and-steel-festooned shape of Icarus Witch. Founded in 2004 by local metal freaks Matthew Bizilia (vocals) and Jason "Sin" Myers (bass), Icarus Witch drew inspiration from American metal bands from the early '80s such as Queensrÿche, Dio, and Cirith Ungol when recording their first, four-song EP, entitled, dramatically enough, Roses on White Lace. Guitarist Steve Pollick was retained from these sessions (second six-stringer Greg Gruben was not) and, after honing their chops with a number of tribute album contributions, signing with Cleopatra Records metal imprint Magica, and securing the services of drummer John Passarelli, Icarus Witch delivered their full-length debut album, Capture the Magic, in autumn 2005.

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