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Your Demise
Band members
Ed McRae - Vocals Stu Paice - Guitar Jimmy Sampson - Bass Tailbee - Drums Ozzy Porkchop - Guitar


Since their formation in 2003, St. Albans UK quintet YOUR DEMISE have collided head-on with every hurdle you could imagine, and then some. Equipment theft? Check. Multiple line-up changes? Check(and make that twelve.) Road breakdowns? You bet, including a time when the side door of their tour van literally fell off in the fast lane of a European freeway. And as for the then some – how about the 24 hours the members of YOUR DEMISE spent in solitary confinement in a Belgian prison…
But are they still here, still hungry, still going stronger than ever? Check, check and check again.
YOUR DEMISE’s five year rise from humble beginnings in scout huts and youth clubs has not been a smooth ride, but it's these very trials and tribulations that have scarred, defined and moulded them into a feral force of energy, aggression and irrepressible ambition. And today, having laid the foundations of their sound on self funded releases 'You Only Make Us Stronger' (2006, Mind Rugby) and 'The Blood Stays On The Blade E.P' (2008, TDON - 9/10 RockSound; 7/10 NME; 4/5 Metal Hammer ), YOUR DEMISE have created their ultimate statement of intent with new album ‘IGNORANCE NEVER DIES’, their debut for EARACHE RECORDS, scheduled for release on August 11th, 2009.
With the debut album, the band have refined their sound and fulfilled the potential that critics and fans alike have credited them with from the beginning. Expect elements from across the spectrum of heavy music, guest vocals (from Sam Carter, Architects), even drum and bass/dubstep, courtesy of producer Dylan, Jake23 and Culprate. This is the sound of a band making an album according to their own rules, taking it to the next level and making the music that must be made.
Having taken their heartstopping live shows up the length and breadth of the UK and Europe with everyone from Biohazard, Architects and Bury Your Dead to Comeback Kid, Emmure and Enter Shikari, Your Demise are ready to take their rightful place in the halls of the national elite, and IGNORANCE NEVER DIES is their rousing call to arms, a visceral battering ram of dynamics and unrepentant fury.

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