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Satan's Host
Band members
L.C.F. Elixir - Vocals Patrick Evil - Guitar Evil Little Hobbit - Drums Margar - Bass

death metal
black metal

Satan's Host entered into the studio, "Flatline Audio," with Dave Otero Engineering this newest full length Satanic Metal Project. We began on the Walpurgisnacht, May Eve 2009, too begin our Satanic Consecration. Through our Metal, as with our physical and mental, we summoned up the Greatest Degrees of the Primal Demons inside our Black Flame...SITRA - AHRA. The Metal on this new project is very diverse. From different modes, to different keys. These new tracks are very much in harmony with the Underworld...666 There are eight full length songs, from 5 min. to 8:30 min., as with two acoustical interludes. Which separate the whole, three part concept of this new Luciferian Cd. We have recorded a sixty minute opus, which Will Enlighten your Demon, as with Empower your very Essence upon this Left Hand Path Black...999.

Patrick Evil ~ All Guitars, The Seven Strings of Sin, Rhythms, Leads, Harmonies and Beyond. As with all the Bass tracking on this project...Some Evil String Work...666. There is a wide array of Dark Melodies, which fill the Demonic Soul with a serenade unto the Dark Lord. Very Empowering rhythms, filled with groove and speed, which encapsulates the Purist Satanic Metal Essence in the scene today, as with Generations to be. His Energy filled the room with a Passion and Dedication unto his Art; The Guitar. It was awesome to watch him lay down the trax, and how he worked his Leads, as with modifying them on the spot. His Evil Spirit, was radiating on the Eves of my Witnessing his Satanic Attack. His Legendary Guitar Work on this Cd., is What makes the Satanic Energy Manifest into form on this Dimension of Existence.

Drummer Anthony "Evil Little Hobbit" ~ Making his debut with Satan's Host on this particular Cd. A True Metal Warrior with the Spirit of Embracing, the newest techniques out in the Metal Drum-World of the past, as with the new and into the future of Metal. Once his dedication was of complete focus, this Warrior became the 'Beta' / Satanic Drum of the Host. Where his techniques would enhance the Guitar and Vocal work to a whole new degree of Perfection. Which is very apparent on these new trax, he adds to our Satanic Magick, our Satanic Metal. His drive and commitment shines threw on his Drum Trax, leaving those of the past far behind. His work ethic is very Professional, he was able to track all the Drums in two days, which saved us a lot of time and money. They were knocked out in one or two takes, every and all Eight trax which are about 5 min. ~ 8:30 min. long in time. Take notice, be aware of this subtle Magick that Will Fill your Primal with Demonic Fire.

L.C.F. Eli Elixir ~ All Vox tracking, Backing Vox as with Spoken Incantations. Scripted All the Dark Poetic Lyrx, Titles, and Conceived the concept of this project. Engineered the Pre-production process, for seven months at the Satan's Host Muzik Grotto, prior to entering Production at Flatline Audio. The Conceptual Manifesto of this Cd., is for those of us who Live Beyond Good and Evil. Who have the Will, too project the Germ of an Idea, in attaining thou Inner Black-Flame. Dedicated to those of us on the Left Hand Path: Who are their Own Dark Gods...XEM DEITUS 999. A Working of Demons, Metaphysics, Prophecy and Luciferian Witchery. All this and then some, Encompassed inside this Cd. from Satan's Host in 2009. Ave. LUCIFER...999 + Hail SATAN...666.

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