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Bleeding Fist
Band members
Etienne "Hellscream" Chelleri - Vocals, Guitar Klement "Angelüs" Penko - Guitar Simon "Infernal Karbürator" Dermota - Bass Alex "Krieg Maschine" Destradi - Drums

black metal

...All that existed was ended, hacked and buried. Graved and forgotten. Killed and taken to death. And then, Reborn. Injections infected with dirty blood of desecration, blasphemy and hate. “Necro Bleeding Fist” was born in its most brutal way. Filled with anger of unholy souls lurking unto the underworld, restless in piece and crowned with vomit and utter dark. Immortality cannot be killed either destroyed. Vultures of the night – not executors but masters, not prayers but being prayed, not followers but leaders. With abnormal bestial hate filled a mix of morbid insanity, goddess pride and violent heresy. Spell marked and taken back from the suffocating underground. Rotten and fucked-up. Empty, tormented and soulless. Although still living in own flesh. Procreating the damnation and spreading death on weak humanity. Reborn to kill! This is reality! Fuck your beginning, this is the end! Proud and Arrogant! 2009 - A path with the devil was firmed! Bleeding Fist signs with the legendary Moribund Records for two albums. The first, Bestial Kruzifix666ion will be released on 09.29.2009 (US) / 09.28.2009 (EU/WORLD).

This is what can be experiences under the name “necro Bleeding Fist”, the most extreme Slovenian act presented as black/thrash metal immersed and revealed into blood, death-lustful war hymn “Chaos Metal”.

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