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Born of Osiris Bio

Born of Osiris
Band members
Lee - Guitar Ronnie - Vocals Joe - Keys & Vocals David - Bass Matt - Guitar Cameron - Drums

death metal

Label founder Ash Avildsen states: "In an era of underground heavy music plagued with an overnight saturation of imitation death metal glorifiying unconvincing pig squeels with sloppy blast beats, we proudly present to you something fresh, different and memorable.

"After launching our label with such an incredible extreme progressive metal band like THE FACELESS, we were very careful on deciding who would be the next metal band we devote our energy to... We feel we couldn't have picked a better group of young musicians to carry the Sumerian torch than BORN OF OSIRIS."

Label manager Shawn Keith adds: "We were shocked after discovering this band and finding out they were all 18-year-old kids with such a distinguished level of talent and determination. We immediately flew to Chicago to see them perform live and quickly had no doubts to the success that lies ahead for this band."

BORN OF OSIRIS is said to be "an epic mix of intricate and memorable melodies with challenging time signatures that still hold an infectious groove, all while maintaining sheer, tasteful brutality."

BORN OF OSIRIS' debut album, "The New Reign", was produced by Michael Keene of THE FACELESS and since its release BOO has proven to be one of the biggest up and coming bands on the scene today!

Expect BIG things this year from Born Of Osiris as we promise them to be your new favorite band this year!

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