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Grav - Drums Mane - Guitars & Bass Sacrifice - Vocals Goblin - Lyrics

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As the funeral pyre of the Italian Death Metal band Eld burned low, from its smouldering ashes a new force emerged onto the Black Metal scene

ORCRIST. Founded on the 5th April 2000 by Grav (drums/lyrics) and Bhaal (vocals/guitar/lyrics), the band recorded their first, un-named, rehearsal tape in December 2000, to be followed by a second - Over Mans Doom- in 2001.

In early 2002 the band were joined by Lucyfer on bass and Ghosta (Fullmoon Promises, Morgen and Ephedra) on backing vocals, to record their first official demo The Third Imperyum. November of that year also saw the release of their second demo/promo Primitive Damnation.

Det Hedenske Norge, a split 7 with Norwegian Black Metal band Isvind, was released in December 2003 on Hearse Records.

Orcrists first official album, Slaged Ved Trollheim was released on Desolate Landscapes in 2003, and is now completely sold out.

Just as the bands reputation was to be further enhanced by their contribution of two tracks to the Ildjarn tribute album Gathered Under the Banner of Strength and Honour, a serious accident, which threatened to end his musical career, forced Bhaal to quit the band. The bands former session vocalist, Ghosta, together with GM (Svalbard and Human Regression) on guitars and bass, stepped in to replace Bhaal for the recording of two tracks on the tribute album the Intro, and Unknown Harmony, for which Orcrist wrote both the title and the lyrics to what was a previously unnamed Ildjarn piece.

Winter 2005/6 sees the release of both From the Forgotten Forest a re-release of the Third Imperyum demo with 3 previously unreleased bonus tracks, and the bands second album Black Blood Raised on Warlord Records and Hearse Records in CD and 12 versions respectively, with Ghosta permanently taking over as vocalist, together with Never999 (formerly of Calvary and Tears of Christ) on guitars and bass.

Fully recovered from his accident, Bhaal rejoined the band, and with Lunedei (Morgen & Fullmoon Promises) on bass, a split 7" with Norway's Beastcraft for the Temple of Darkness label was released. As work started on the new album, Grav dissolved the existing line-up in July 2007, refusing to be pressured into making more commercial material. One more release with this line-up for a split with Old Funeral is planned on Temple of Darkness.

What could have spelled the end of the band instead marks a new beginning, as within hours of the split, Goblin, from the Norwegian band Isvind joins as vocalist, and Mane from the Italian band Defixio joins on guitars and bass and immediately starts writing new material for the forthcoming album. If you thought Orcrist epitomised cold, raw Black Metal before, wait until you hear the new incarnation.

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