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Sunn O)))
Band members
Stephen O'Malley Greg Anderson

black metal

SUNN O))) was created in 1998 by Stephen O'Malley and Greg Anderson. Their collaboration and direction continues to exist through expanded constellations and various forms with maximum loyalty to the power of electric amplified sound. SUNN O))) produce explorations in drone, psychedelic and experimental minimalism/maximalism as well as fusions with such underground metal cultures as Black, Death and Doom Metal - the former defined by its encompassing guitar sounds, uniquely musical stylings and dark, dramatic and contemplative content, Life & death defined by excessive adhesion to the heaviest guitar sounds possible, and the latter often characterized by low and slowly played tones and meditative conceptual and ceremonial content.

SUNN O)))'s emphasis on collaborative practice sees them working with an array of artists from different traditions, performing with experimental composers and sound artists, as well as musicians deeply rooted in underground music, sound and art cultures.

SUNN O)))'s dedication to the power of living music has resulted in over 200 concerts to date, occupying venues as diverse as underground caves in Paris, Volksb├╝hne theatre in Berlin, the massive Roskilde rock festival in Denmark, Borealis contemporary music festival at Bergen's Cathedral, The Walker Art Center, legendary improv music venue The Tonic in New York, Maureen Paley art gallery, Queen Elizabeth Hall and Lyric Hammersmith theatres in London to name a few.

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