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Vale of Pnath Bio

Vale of Pnath
Band members
David - Vocals Vance - Guitar Mike - Guitar Alan - Bass

death metal

With a name inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s novella "The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath," one might believe Denver’s VALE OF PNATH to be a new progressive art-rock group emerging from the underground, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Progressive they may be, but VALE OF PNATH are nothing short of metallic extremity on all levels.

Superb production by Dave Otero (Cephalic Carnage) only helps to showcase this band’s dynamics and skillful artistry. Though Vale Of Pnath is only an EP it packs a full length punch and will surely have every listener reaching for their stereo’s repeat button time and time again.

VALE OF PNATH influences range from classic black/death metal bands like Emperor, Death, Theory In Practice to even the current front runners in the technical metal scene like Necrophagist, Neuraxis, Canvas Solaris and Between The Buried & Me. Vale Of Pnath is a short, well calculated explosion of energetic melodic death metal that will quench any metal-head’s ravenous appetite.

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