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237 Bio

Band members
Derek Spear - guitar, bass, programming, vocals Dustin Spear - guitars, programming, vocals


In December of 1994, brothers Derek (guitar/vocals) and Dustin Spear (drums) decided to form a band to cover their favorite metal songs. In September of 1995, after a name and lineup change, 237 was born. Over the next year, 237 played several small shows in West Texas/Southern New Mexico and gathered a local following. In the fall of 1996, 237 began working on original material, resulting in additional personnel changes. Frustrated with the inability to maintain a solid lineup, the brothers D disbanded 237 in the spring of 1997 and decided to pursue separate musical interests. Eleven years later, in June of 2008, 237 was resurrected by the brothers D; with Derek filling in on guitars/bass/vocals, Dustin filling in on guitars/vocals and a machine filling in on drums. 237's debut album, Dead Risen, was released on December 16, 2008, and is now available for purchase via Amazon, CD Baby, DigStation, iTunes and directly through 2D Music.

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