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Band members
Gary Vosganian - Vocals Joe Lodespoto - Guitars, Bass Daniel Kleffmann - Drums

death metal

Formed in the tumultuous fire storm that was the eighties Thrash scene, Maelstrom erupted forth with a pyroclastic ferocity matched by few of the time. Taking their Que from the rapidly expanding European underground, Maelstrom blended classical melodies with thrash laden riffing, punching memorable rhythms, and theatrical, hauntingly dominating vocal progressions. With their signature sound honed Maelstrom began to dominate it..s local thrash scene and expand well beyond domestic borders. Becoming the certified top drawing local act for two consecutive years and making significant strides within the worldwide underground movement. Including charting in the metal forces - readers select - top 10 demo section, with their now underground classic demo " This Battle to Make History... Yet History Never Comes".

As the decade turned and scene shifted to extreme death metal and Seattle grunge, the storm that was Maelstrom began to loose focus. Their eventual break-up spawned new life, with members continuing on to play in other formidable acts, including spOOge, Soilent Green, and most recently [CARBOMB] of Relapse Records.

However some storms only recede, stock their strength and return with unbridled vengeance, and such is the case with Maelstrom.

Re-imagined and re-constructed by founding vocalist and lyricist Gary Peter Vosganian, and Founding Guitarist and chief songwriter, Juilliard guest lecturer, and Guitar Player Magazine guest columnist, the renowned Joey Lodes. Together with Daniel Kleffmann handling percussion, Maelstrom..s storm was born again. Commencing a recording project of epic proportion Maelstrom are now releasing a three song sampler from the forthcoming album. This three song sampler is entitled "It Was Predestined".

For founding members Joe and Gary this became a journey that they both needed to take, rather then one they simply 'wanted' to trek upon. A project of extreme passion and fury for them it is the pinnacle of their collective hearts, souls, and imaginations, culminating in a piece of work that..s greater then the sum of its parts and has a breath and life of its own.

Musically Maelstrom have woven a tapestry whose weft is increasingly complex, thick and multi-layered. Music that both captivates and inspires its listeners to immerse themselves in the world Maelstrom has created for them. Playing out more like a cinematic experience rather than simply songs, Maelstrom..s creations conjure images of sweeping vistas, and deep, dark and cavernous voids. Epic arias prophesying battles of glorious victory and the melancholy laments of the forsaken and forlorn await the listener. Lyrically a grand tale of fantasy has been crafted for those who enter the landscapes which Maelstrom has conjured.

From the perspective of production Maelstrom leaves no stone un-turned. Sonicly a crystalline masterpiece, the drum recording was charged to the late Greg Marchak of Audio Labs in Tampa Florida. The original engineer of many of Maelstrom..s lives performances as well as the man behind their aforementioned chart topping "This Battle..." demo. Greg is known for his work with Trans Siberian Orchestra, Jon Olivas Pain and Nocturnus. After Gregs untimely passing the reigns were passed to Vudu Studios of Freeport New York to handle the capturing of the guitars, bass, keyboards, and vocals. Vudu is renowned for their work with Victory Records and Trustkill Records. Solos and Accoustic recordings was cared for by Steve Booke. Mixing and Mastering has been handled by none other than the now legendary, award winning Tue Madsen of Denmark..s Antfarm Studios. A veteran of the scene Tue has been behind some of the worlds greatest metal acts including Dark Tranquility, The Haunted, Behemoth, Halford, and Himsa.

Join us and come and navigate this epic vortex, ride upon this devastating whirlwind, and venture straight into the eye of what will surely be considered the storm of the century. Inevitably you will be drawn into the experience that is Maelstrom. It was Predestined.

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