heavy metal


Band members
Lee Artavia - vocals Nick Scaccia - guitars Jake Snyder - drums

death metal

Wrought in Orange County, CA in 2004, IVEBEENSHOT emerged with a goal to create a fast and heavy, yet unique sound in the cutthroat death metal/grindcore scene. These three childhood friends; Nick, Jake, and Lee shared a passion for the teeth rattling reverb, guttural vocals and explosive beats embodied by the grindcore, death metal and hardcore genres. Motivated and influenced by their favorite artists, IBS began writing their own aggressive and intense approach at what they saw as heavy and different. They compiled 7 bone-crushing tracks that culminated with the release of their first demo “Taking Back the X’s” in 2004. To further the bands exposure, IBS booked shows as often as possible and played at every venue available to them. Whether it was the backyards, house parties, or bar gigs that followed, IBS managed to amass a small but dedicated following that paved the way for their second demo.
In May of 2005, the band's sound converged in 'Fun for the Whole Family'. More expressive and dynamic than “Taking Back the X's”, this album gained recognition for IBS from all walks of the extreme metal scene, both locally and internationally. Songs like "Do Hookers Stand in the Rain," "Anita Bonghit and the Four Foot Gunt" and “Stomach Bile Tastes Like Your Mother” became instant fan favorites.
The year 2006 brought the release of a brief 4 track demo entitled, “Stay Classy.” This straight-forward production, rife with energy and a honed chaotic sound, chiseled away at the traditional grindcore and death metal scene and solidified their unique style.
In August of 2007, after several delays, IBS entered Mad Dog Studios and Seahorse Sound Studios to join efforts with engineer, Samur, in creating their debut full length album ‘DOZA’. The album was dedicated to the memory of a very close friend to the band, who had tragically passed away just prior to entering the studio. DOZA contained 14 uniquely heavy, chaotic and aggressive tracks, all with extremely well-produced tracks. ‘DOZA’ was released to the masses in February of 2008, via 187 Records.
Currently IVEBEENSHOT is booking shows whenever possible, working on various side projects, but most importantly writing material for their 2nd full length album.

IVEBEENSHOT has shared the stage with such known musical acts as: Origin, Aborted, Phobia, Misery Index, Despised Icon, Exhumed, Malevolent Creation, Neuraxis, Animosity, Job for a Cowboy, Into the Moat, The End, Suicide Silence, Bodies in the Gears of the Apparatus, The Acacia Strain, Strong Intentions, Internal Bleeding, Crematorium, 2DeadSluts1GoodFuck, See You Next Tuesday, Anal Cunt, From a Second Story Window, Cattle Decapitation, Retch, The Red Death, Watch Me Burn, Oblige, Insidious Decrpency, Psyopus, Darkest Hour, Fuck the Facts, Pig Destroyer, Artery Eruption, Anal Blast, White Chapel, Impending Doom, Terminally Your Aborted Ghost, Inheirt Disease, The Faceless, HeavyHeavyLowLow, Condemned, Left to Vanish, Cephalotripsy, War from a Harlots Mouth, The Partisan Turbine, Putrid Pile, Light this City, Arsonist Get all the Girls. Infernaeon, Bedlam of Cacophony, The Dolomite Project, Cephalic Carnage, Pencil Lead Syringe,The Funeral Pyre and many more.

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