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Years Spent Cold
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Kurt Kutz Woody Steve Frank

death metal

In a time where making a name for yourself means comforming to the bands around you, wearing eyeliner, or putting on a pair of girls pants, Years Spent Cold continues to look the other way and progress with the same hardhitting style they have had from the very beggining. The Asian Sensastion Josh Bill and the combination of, cave dwelling, Franksama Bin Laden and, captain hook style shit, from JackWoodySparrow himself, have brought a new sense to the sound of Years Spent Cold. Along with the unique combination of a hardcore flow mixed with death metal riffs, comes harmonization, sing alongs, and an ongoing change of pace throughout every song. Stevie B hits you with an onslaught of heart pounding double kick and the occational blasts. In addition to the music, Kutz is giving you something lyrically that most metal bands dont. Words that are real and somethign you can relate to. There are no stories of dungeons and dragons forced down your throat over and over. These songs are written straight from the heart and is what drives these guys to get out and do what they are doing.

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