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Adversary Bio

Band members
William Clapp - Vocals Kenny Harrison - Guitars Brad Ryder - Guitars Daniel Tidwell - Bass Justin Green - Drums

death metal

While many bands are satisfied with wearing their influences on their sleeves, a select few are driven to best them.

Manassas, Virginia's Adversary literally explodes from the gates, delivering a freshman effort set to shake the pillars of modern metal's extensive pantheon. Hailed by BW&BK as "metal's next big band," Adversary are the heirs-apparent to the throne left long-vacant by their declining domestic forefathers.

All childhood friends, William Clapp, Brad Ryder, Kenny Harrison, Justin Green, and Daniel Tidwell infuse a distinctly American sensibility into their groove-heavy brand of metal, unleashing their incendiary debut "Singularity" as an instant classic. Recorded at Assembly Line Studios in Vienna, Virginia with Kevin "131" Guitierrez (Raven/Dysrhythmia) behind production, "Singularity" delivers ten tracks of intense, riff-heavy, bone-crushing power. This is the stuff metal fans have been dreaming about for years, and it couldn't have come soon enough.

After the recording of "Singularity," Adversary received an offer from powerhouse independant Trustkill Records. In late 2008 the band signed on with the label to catapult their infectious, vitriolic sound into the consciousness of the heavy music adoring masses.

Those same masses are advised to brace themselves, because we are surely entering the era of Adversary.

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