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Misanthropy Legion Bio

Misanthropy Legion
Band members
Joe Aversario Itay N. Krasilshikov

black metal

"Misanthropy Legion was formed in the November of 2005. Originally begun with the intent to create raw, nasty, and downright mean black metal inspired by the genre’s filthiest flagbearers - Craft, Beherit, Darkthrone and Mayhem – the Legion quickly matured into something far more sinister than the simple ideals and small North Jersey town from whence it had come. Lyrically speaking, when Misanthropy Legion is concerned, the devil’s in the details. The lyrics on “Eidolon,” their upcoming second longplayer, deal with questions of purpose and mortality. “Eidolon” promises to be an absolute tour-de-force of devilish black metal iconoclasm, propelled by anti-Christian sentiment the likes of which the world has not seen since Nietzsche picked up his poisoned pen."

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