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Andrew - guitar Jason - bass Adam - vocals Jeremy - guitars Daniel - drums


OCEANO is the heaviest, most pissed off band on the planet. That's no small claim, but the 5 intimidating young men from Chicago, IL have the size to match such statements. With inspiration from bands such as BEHEMOTH and THE ACACIA STRAIN, OCEANO exhibits a youthful and modern deathcore sound as dark as the ocean depths and a distinct density to their heaviness that only an act from the city of broad shoulders could produce. Their motto, "Bringin the Beef" matches their identity of heavy, pissed-off guys playing heavy, pissed off music. With their 2008 signing to EARACHE RECORDS, OCEANO is primed to prove to the world that when they say they are "Bringin the Beef," they aren't fooling around.

OCEANO was initially a grindcore band formed in 2006 by guitarist, Jeremy Carroll (19). Following the departure of several band members in the ensuing months, Jeremy would look towards the Chicago metal scene to take OCEANO to the next level. Already having played with some of the heaviest bands in the city, Jeremy was able to develop deep ties to several of its top musicians. From them he completely rebuilt OCEANO, cherry-picking his way into the creation of a virtual super group of Chicago's roughest, most talented metal musicians. By 2007, the OCEANO line-up was complete and had begun their path to domination. Joining Jeremy were guitarist, Andrew Mikhail (20) and Kevin Colabuono (24), drummer Danny Terchin (18), and vocalist Adam Warren (22).

With a new line-up in place, new ideas and influences would be further incorporated into the band's sound. It became clear that OCEANO needed to evolve from its grindcore roots into something completely against the grain - something new and unexpected. That's when guitarist, Andrew Mikhail and bassist, Kevin Colabuono unleashed their secret weapon - Drop-A tuning. A signature of theirs inspired from their work in a previous band, this ultra low-end sonic assault could crush a person's bones by playing one mere chord. The tuning went along perfectly with the songs they had been writing which focused a more destructive deathcore sound. With everything in place, OCEANO needed one more element to take their sound above and beyond anything a deathcore band had ever done before. This vital element was pure, real-life anger.

Once stabilized, the band quickly bonded over the things in life that anger them the most. The people around them, the corruption of government, their standings in life - these are just a sampling of the many things that drive OCEANO every day. It is anger that fuels OCEANO and it is evident in their massively brutal songs such as "Inhuman Affliction" and "Samael the Destroyer." As in-your-face as OCEANO is on record, nothing compares to one of their raucous live shows.

The band lives and dies by the amount of bloody violence and intensity their audience brings to every show. They thrive on the audience's ability to give an already angry band entirely new reasons to get pissed. As has been the case many times over, If an audience isn't being violent enough, the band will become even more enraged and create the violence themselves. OCEANO loves nothing more than for others to share in their anger and aggression. They are called "the heaviest, most pissed-off band on the planet" for a reason, of course.

It is that reputation that caught the attention of EARACHE RECORDS in 2008. Blown away by the sheer animosity and power of "the heaviest, most pissed-off band on the planet," EARACHE immediately offered the band a deal that was made official that same year. OCEANO lays claim to over 11,500 MySpace friends and a growing number of fans going on YouTube to upload videos in tribute to the band. Those numbers are only bound to grow larger after the band's debut record (Recorded at Foundation Studios &Mac246; THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, MY CHILDREN IS THE BRIDE) starts "Bringin the Beef" worldwide in 2009.

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