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Valborg Bio

Band members
Jan Buckard - Bass, Vocals Christian Kolf - Guitars, Vocals Florian Toyka - Drums

melodic death metal
death metal

Formed in the spring of 2002, Germany's VALBORG spent the first year of their existence writing and recording material. Those songs ended up on their debut release in the summer 2003, titled "Songs for a Year" (Zeitgeister Music). From 2003 until 2006 VALBORG produced eight more experimental tracks though they never were put out by any label, and to this day, are still unreleased. In the summer of 2007 they began writing new material, for what would eventually be called "Glorification of Pain," and entered Stonehenge Studio by December 2007. Nine tracks were recorded on analog equipment and everything was played "live", except for the vocals, some synths and some guitars – there were no overdubs. The main intention was to catch the true moments of playing together as a band, to make these songs more unique, and to get a more natural, dirty sound with an old school feeling. Even with the upcoming release of the new album, VALBORG has again decided to enter the studio this winter to record "Crown of Sorrow," an album with material that will be "epic and violent."

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