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Silent Fate Bio

Silent Fate
Band members
Alessio Campoli: Vocals Steve Squicciarini: Guitars Anthony Paganini: Bass, Keys and Vocals Danny Lamagna: Drums

Melodic Black Metal/Metalcore

Born and bred on Long Island, Silent Fate have been card-carrying members of the East Coast metal scene since their inception in 2001. Though the band has gone through many drastic changes, the philosophy has always been he same: work hard ... play harder.

Silent Fate was founded by Anthony Paganini. Driven by the need to put his talent to good use, Anthony’s attraction to the darker side of music merged with a powerful, overwhelming angst and the band’s self-titled debut album was born. Good reviews and a fast-growing national fan base presented a surplus of opportunity and Silent Fate grew to be an indie favorite, but the ride wouldn’t last.

As the band began writing material in 2002 for their sophomore release, The Autumn Machine, increasing artistic differences began to pull the members in new directions; causing a rift that ultimately resulted in a mutual agreement to dissolve the band.

The album was shelved.

Fast forward to 2006 ... after a four-year hiatus, the band reformed with an all-new cast:

Alessio Campoli (Vocals): With a knack for off-the-wall acrobatics and vicious vocals, his extreme presence in the studio and on the stage adds a next level of intensity to the band.
Steve Squicciarini (Guitars): A focused, enigmatic addition to the band, his incredible chops command attention to Silent Fate’s string section.
Anthony Paganini (Bass, Keys and Vocals): It hasn’t been proven if he’s a descendant of the legendary 17th Century violinist, but his fingers speak for themselves.
Danny Lamagna (Drums): His aggressive chops and high-octane double-bass, coupled with his surgical precision rounds off Silent Fate\'s rhythm section.

The Autumn Machine was back in play and, after months in the studio, became a rebirth of the old ... combined with a heavier, more modern punch. The album met with rave reviews, numerous interstate gigs and a new base of international fan attention. Considered by many a masterpiece of diversity in the new sphere of modern metal, The Autumn Machine was simply regarded by the band as an introduction to the future.

Silent Fate reentered the studio in 2008 after signing to MEI Records. Months of writing, recording and touring produced a new aural assault in the form of Burned, Buried & Forgotten. Aggressive, intense and rampant, Burned, Buried & Forgotten has taken the reigns as Silent Fate’s heaviest release to date and possibly the next step in the evolution of the metal genre altogether.

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