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Down-Stares Bio

Band members
Simeon Hendrix - Vocals Jessie Brashear - Drums Max Chandler - Guitar/Vocals Brandon Lewis - Bass Brandt Holmes - Guitar


We have been passionately pursuing the advancement of this movement since it all began in the summer of 2000. In that time we've played well over 350 shows all around the nation. We've met, shook hands with, shared the stage with some of the most inspirational, hardest working bands in America.

We have positively influenced young artists who have matured into amazing artists. We have sacrificed. We have been shit on, disregarded, talked down to, and blown off... and still we push forward.

We have independently released (with the help of Motion E Records & T.Rex Ate My Face) FIVE albums, sold out of more than 30 T-Shirt designs, been voted Texoma's Best Band 2007 by the readers of the Times Record News (Wichita Falls,) broke the top 10 at the 2005-2006 Austin Music Awards in two catagories after only playing that scene for a little over a year.

We've done radio interviews, newspaper interviews, & have had Editor's Pick reviews on our latest album (The Watershed...). We've swallowed our pride, gone without eating, fainted, cried, thrown up, & had our van break down several times. We've driven through the desert on the hottest days of summer with no air conditioner.

We've seen sights so beautiful that words can't describe: like the way the sky looks as the rain pours down on the setting sun in El Paso; or the breath-taking view of the forest mountains in Arkansas on a cold & overcast day. We've played to thousands, we've played to ten. We've been electrocuted (on stage), we've lost all power in the middle of a set. We have lived.

We've been blessed to have the best family, friends, & fans that anyone could ever ask for. We've given everything. And... we're still persuing.

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