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Band members
Enforcer (Olof Wikstrand) - Vocals DD. Sars - Guitars Joseph - Bass Jonas - Drums

speed metal

Flash back to 1983... Vocal range and musical prowess are king. IRON MAIDEN rules the world, the New Wave of British Heavy Metal is in full swing and bands such as MERCYFUL FATE and EXCITER have begun to take heavy metal places that it had never previously explored. This is the world of ENFORCER. A world where heavy metal is the law!!

The brainchild of founder Olof “the Enforcer” Wikstrand, Sweden’s heavy metal powerhouse ENFORCER took the underground metal world by storm with their debut four track demo in late 2005. Bored with “extreme” metal, unable to find like-minded souls yet refusing to compromise his vision, the multi-talented Olof took matters into his own hands.

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