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Kingdragon Bio

Band members
George Aspiotis - Vocals/Keyboards Anastasis Fragopoulos - Guitar Byron Tsourapis - Bass John Karahalios - Drums

hard rock

KINGDRAGON was formed in 2006 by SPITFIRE, NIGHTFALL and RAW SILK ex-keyboardist ASPIOTIS GEORGE (Vocals, Keyboards). Additional fellow band mates include KASKABAS B. (Drums), ANASTASIS F. (Guitar), ZARKOS M. ex-Raw Silk (Guitar). After 16 years of service in the Greek Hard & Heavy Rock scene ASPIOTIS decided to make a mixture of all his musical experiences gathered from the various bands he participated in and to merge them into one sound! A fresh, clear, strong and loud sound that stems from the powerful melody decades of the 70's and the 80's.

On February 2006 ASPIOTIS GEORGE meets ANASTASIS F. and they spent the next 4 months re-recording the guitar parts for the whole cd promo album, which at that point included all 8 tracks. After several calls and fan persistence for a live performance, Kingdragon finally decided to appear live for the first time in front of the Athenian audience in November 2006 supporting the distinguished GOTTHARD. It was the best that could happen for Kingdragon. They performed all their unreleased material plus a well known Journey cover (!) in front of an audience unfamiliar with the band! Kingdragon received excellent reports on that gig both from GREEK MAGAZINES as well as WEBZINES. The story has just begun ... Unfortunately, just before November\'s gig ZARKOS M.(guitar) decided (due to personal reasons) not to follow the band in any live appearance and to participate only in the studio production. Thus, following that gig BYRON T. (bass) completed the band's line-up.

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