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Defiance Bio

Band members
Jim Adams - Guitars Steev Esquivel - Vocals Mike Kaufmann - Bass Mark Hernandez - Drums


Formed in 1985 by Brad Bowers (guitar), Mike Kaufmann (bass) and Matt Vander Ende (drums). In 1986 Doug Harrington (guitar) was added to the line up, but due to personal differences between Doug and Brad, they replaced Doug with Jim Adams (guitar) in late summer of that year. After Jim had been in the band for about 5 months he too began to experience 'personal differences' with Brad. The band decided to let Brad go and bring back Doug into the fold.

In early 1987, Mitch Mayes joined the band (vocals). Defiance did several shows with this line up and recorded their first demo. Shortly after the demo was completed, Mitch left the band and was replaced by Ken Elkinton (vocals) and soon after they recorded their second demo "Hypothermia". This demo caught the attention of Roadrunner Records who signed the band to a record deal in the Summer of 1988. Defiance then traveled to Vancouver Canada to record their first album with Jeff Waters of Annihlator as producer.

1989 saw the release of their debut album "Product of Society" and soon after Elkinton was replaced by Steev Esquivel.

In 1990 they released their second album "Void Terra Firma" which was recorded at Prairie Sun Recording Studios in Cotati, CA with John Cuniberti doing the production duties.

Two years later in 1992, Defiance wrote and forged one of its finest album's to date, "Beyond Recognition". The album was recorded at Bayview Studios in Richmond, CA and was produced by Rob Beaton (Buckethead, Defiance, Heathen). It was well received by fans and critics alike.

That year, for separate and personal reasons, Adams and Vander Ende eventually took leave from their roles in the band. In early 1993, Brian Wenzel (guitar) and Mike Bennett (drums) joined the band very briefly. Jim Adams soon returned, and Defiance continued to perform local shows and write new material. Tyson Leeper also joined briefly on drums before Steev Esquivel decided to leave the band at that time. During this process, Dave White of Heathen was recruited as vocalist, along with drummer Paul Palmer. With this formation (Adams, Harrington, Kaufmann, Palmer, White) Defiance performed several shows in 1993 and 1994; and, they wrote and recorded a solid studio demo with noted engineer Rob Beaton producing the songs, which received positive reviews and radio airplay.

Later in 1994, several members were moving in a new musical direction, and formed the band "Inner Threshold" with Hugo Barrientos on drums. Inner Threshold performed through 1995, until Adams and White departed to pursue other interests. At that time, another offshoot of the band developed, including Chris Long on guitar and vocals, and changing its name again to "Under." That formation continued to perform and record demo material until 1999.

Defiance regrouped in 2005 with four of the original members. With the addition of new drummer, James 'Flatline' Raymond to the group in the summer of 2005, the group had began to work towards completing a new four song EP.

In November of 2006, guitarist Doug Harrington passed away. The band went through a long period of grief, while still trying to work towards completing the project started in 2005, in Doug's honor.

Defiance is getting ready to announce a new recording contract with a well known record label. They are also currently working towards completing a full length CD, with the addition of Mark Hernandez on drums, replacing James Raymond.

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