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Acheron Bio

Band members
Vincent Crowley - Vocals & Bass Kyle Severn - Drums Max Otworth - Guitar

death metal
black metal

It is the year 2008 and the underground cult band ACHERON has been creating/playing diabolical music for 20 years! The band was formed in 1988, by vocalist/Bassist Vincent Crowley. In the 90’s the band was underrated by the media, yet had a vast worldwide underground following. Unfortunately, the band’s “Satanic/Occult/Blasphemous” demeanor usually overshadowed their music. But they did put out many releases that were well received by their fans. This musical entity lurks in darkness. Crowley has broken up the group and put it back together on several occasions. The fact is that once you sign the pact, there is no getting out of it! (Ha, Ha) ACHERON is not a band… is an abomination! Recently ACHERON recorded a 3 song demo entitled "SATANIC SUPREMACY". The songs are featured on this MYSPACE page. The band just signed a 3 album deal with DISPLEASED RECORDS from Holland and will begin recording their next album "THE FINAL CONFLICT: Last Days of God" in September 2008. Keep an eye out for the new release in 2009!!!!!

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