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Spylacopa Bio

Band members
John LaMacchia Jeff Caxide Greg Puciato Julie Christmas


Fueled aggression, experimental precision, and driving infectious hooks are just some of the parts comprising the whole that is Spylacopa – a musical venture spearheaded by Candiria lead guitarist and songwriter John LaMacchia. The band can be described as painters of a vast audio landscape, putting listeners on a constant musical journey. And while Spylacopa often changes gears, and is far from pedestrian – it is very feel-oriented.

Formed by LaMacchia in 2000, Spylacopa was simply intended to be a conduit for his experimental and hypnotic compositions. But that soon snowballed into something more significant. The first Spylacopa release, “Collective Unconscious,” appeared on Candiria’s C.O.M.A. Imprint in 2002. And some years later, in 2005, with the addition of The Dillinger Escape Plan’s Greg Puciato and Jeff Caxide of Isis, another Spylacopa single, “The Duke,” was released on Undreradar Records. Feeling chemistry, camaraderie, and a river of creative juices, in late 2006, Spylacopa began to work on its first official release – but not before the addition of yet another member – frontwoman Julie Christmas from Made Out of Babies.

The wheels are in motion and the band will release its self-titled, five-song debut CD on Rising Pulse Records this November.

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