heavy metal


Band members
Beer Reebs - Vocals Bjorn Haga - Guitar Carl "Lord Necron" Snyder - Guitar Derrik Rivers - Bass Dennis Sanders - Drums

death metal

Although HOD has only been active since January 2007, the members of Hod have been involved in underground metal bands for almost 20 years. Bjorn Haga was a key member of the Texas black/death metal band Necrovore, a band that influenced many bands including Mayhem, Dissection and Incantation. Their 1987 demo is considered an underground cult classic. Carl Snyder aka Lord Necron is from Thornspawn, a band who have released numerous albums over the years on Baphomet/Necropolis, Osmose Productions and Agonia Records -- and are considered to be one of the better U.S. black metal acts currently out there. Dennis Sanders of blasting metal act Exculcerate has issued a release from Comatose Music and has toured all over the United States. Beer Reebs known throughout the great state of Texas as frontman for Pillcrusher, also fronts the veteran punk Rancid Vat. Dirty Derick Rivers' claim to fame is playing in one of GG Allin's touring bands. The diverse background of the band helps create original music in an unoriginal scene.

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