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Hollywood Undead
Band members
J-Dog Da Kurlzzz Charlie Scene Tha Producer Funny Man The Server

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The Hollywood Undead Straight from the ghetto fabulous streets of Hollywood rises this up & coming 7 piece fusion of morbid Hip Hop, surrealistic Hardcore, and fashion conscious Metal, and not since Motley Crue has a Hollywood band generated the type of buzz and blatant admiration that has been created by this recent addition into the scene.

Populated by 7 heavy metal/hardcore hooligans, the Hollywood Undead began as the brainchild of J-Dog and Tha Producer, two streetwise scene kids who frequented the Los Angeles club scene. The Hollywood skyline was their shelter. Drinking, thugging, and debauchery were their trademark.

After 1 day of dropping their sound onto Myspace, their account exploded like TNT. The Hollywood Undead space grew in size in a matter of hoursstarting out with an audience of 10, and blowing up into one that included several thousand users just in their first day of entry into the space. Hundreds of comments from awestruck admirers. Thousands of adds per day on average. Tens of thousands of profile views. Close to 4000 DOWNLOADS PER DAY. Reaching number 12 on the myspace top bands chart, then number 8, then number 4, and finally after only 1 week taking on the number 1 spot, beating out some of the most famous bands in the world. Bands like Nine Inch Nails, Coldplay, System Of A Down and even their friends "From First To Last".

The band now consists of an entourage of Hollywood brats that have been selectively recruited into the gang/group on the basis of their mad skillz: J Dog, Da Kurlzzz, Charlie Scene, Tha Producer, Funny Man, The Server, Donning bone-chilling masks so that their strapping good looks cannot take away from their musical artistry, The Hollywood Undead has burst onto the scene to show The Kids how it's really done.

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