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Backslap Bio

Band members
Arty - vocals
Frankie - drums
Vinny - Guitars
Fish - Bass


Backslap combine old and new school hardcore to create a fresh energetic style sure to keep the kids slamming at the shows.Their crunchy beat down riffs are simple but very effective. Songs like 'False Friend' and 'The Way Down' are anthems just waiting to be sung along to. And as far as this CD goes it very tight for an independent release. The songs come off crystal clear and the vocals are easily understood , which is always a plus for hardcore. In the end Backlsap could easily expand on some of their ideas to make the music more interesting , but in turn that might take away from the energy. It is what it is , NYHC.So I say check out 'em out if your into new york style hardcore in the vein of District Nine.

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