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Band members
Phil - vocals Tim - drums Devin - guitar iX - guitar Alex - bass

death metal

Kids grow up fast these days don’t they? Take German youngsters HACKNEYED for example. With an average age of 16 years old (the youngest being 14) these guys already show a level a technical profiency that some of death metal’s forefathers have taken years to master. On Death Prevails HACKNEYED have taken the first step in what is sure to be an illustrious career.

HACKNEYED play their own brand of modern death metal that showcases the band‘s technical abilities and pays tribute to the legends of old. They have the knack to concoct a rather volatile extreme music coctail that appeals not only to fans of death metal but the entire extreme metal scene. They’re inhuman drumming incorporates a machine gun like precision that will put a smile on the face of every fan of grindcore, as well as ample doses of groove,that will have listeners banging their heads. In addition to this, the band offers an impressively skilled dual guitar attack and a growler that is as menacing on stage as he is on disc. It’s hard to believe that the band only formed about a year ago with their first show in being in mid-2007!

Even if Death Prevails marks the band’s debut release,they’ve already advanced far from tradional verse-chrosus-verse song structures. Not only are the members able to hadle their respective intruments but the also the those of their fellow members as well. Drummer Tim even laid down some guitar tracks in the studio. In addition, when HACKNEYED takes the stage you would think they’ve been totally dominating their instruments and audiences for the past few decades!

Like DECAPITATED before them, HACKNEYED are ready to take the extreme music world by storm. Aquiant yourself with extreme music’s hottest new addition!

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