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Leviathan Bio

Band members
Wrest (Jeff Whitehead) - All Instruments and Vocals

black metal

Leviathan sole-proprietor Wrest is considered to be one of the most prolific and most creative beings within the black metal scene. Already holding an extensive repertoire to his modus-operandi, from his countless demos (which include the monstrous Verrater release) and other unearthly creations, ever since the Moribund Cult released the Leviathan official debut album, The Tenth Sublevel Of Suicide, Wrest has indeed spearheaded Leviathan as one of the most dominant forces in the extreme music scene, this solidified with the genre defying Tentacles Of Whorror release. While maintaining black metal’s true spirit, and at the same time, throwing the rule book out the window, the musical spectrum that Leviathan covers goes much beyond the typical and standard black metal paradigm. Sure the inherent influences are coherent, but by adding more layers and substance to Leviathan’s music, Wrest conjures up a chilling and malevolent aura akin to the likes of such other acts like The Swans, Fields Of The Nephihim, Tangerine Dream, The Cure (‘Pornography’ era), and that feeling one gets when listening to obscure ‘70s prog. The vision that Wrest (black metal’s answer to Robert Fripp) has created with Leviathan is immense to say the least. One that is worthy of total worship…

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