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Sweet Cobra Bio

Sweet Cobra
Band members
Botchy Vaquez - Bass / Vocals Robert Lanham Jr. - Guitars Matthew Allen - Guitars Jason Gagovski - Drums

punk metal

Sweet Cobra formed in 2002 with drummer Jason Gagovski (Suicide Note) and vocalist/bassist Botchy Vasquez (The Killer). Guitarists Robert Lanham and Matt Arluck later joined on to complete the line-up. The band made its debut on Seventh Rule Recordings with "Praise," introducing Sweet Cobra's boundary defying sound. Picking up where "Praise" left off is 2007's "Forever," originally released through Hawthorne Street Records. "Forever" offers eight songs, encompassing a similar reefer madness, with production by Greg Norman (Pelican) and mixed by Sanford Parker (Minsk) at Volume Studios.

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