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Band members
Kra Blizzad Cillag - Vocals Fanatic.KV - Guitar Shorkan KM - Bass Kelen - Guitars Altar.ZK6 - Drums

black metal

CRYSTALIUM is a french band formed in 1996. After several line-up changes, which ended with the addition of a new keyboard and a new bassist, the band plays with the same line-up since the beginning of 2001.

CRYSTALIUM already make more than 60 dates in France in particular with several important acts of the extreme Metal scene like : Immortal, Agressor, Angel Corpse, Bloodhtorn, Himinbjorg, And Oceans…

It is in december 1997 that the band records its first demo " Whirlwinds of Fire We Ride ", which has opened new dimensions for the band and which has increased the interest of magazines, fanzines and booking agencies…

Finally, the band enters the studio in December 1999 in order to record its first album " Par Le Sang, Le Feu Et Le Fer ". (" By Blood, Fire and Steel "). The A.S. Studio gave to the music a really professional sound and this first release was distributed by O.R.H. Productions.
In spring 2002, the band is back with its second release " De Aeternitate Commando ", published by Oaken Shield and Distributed by Adipocere Records.The reactions of the national and underground metal press is one more time very positive. It helps the band to play live everywhere in France and to do its first french tour with labelmates Nehëmah and Blodsrit.

CRYSTALIUM is before all 5 musicians who play a pure french black metal and who are eager to express their ideas and their convictions in music, and this by using their mother language in order to enrich vocal sonorities.

After month of writting & composing, the band recorded during the 2003’s summer its third album with producer Ludovic Tournier. (Nehemah, Hate Supremacy, Himinbjorg…). Soon after, Celtill (keyboards and backing vocals) and guitarist Dracir decided to quit the band for personal reasons.

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