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Nascent Bio

Band members
Jeff Briggs Libor Hadrava


Nascent started out at an outlet for some musical ideas I had developed while halfway through grad school. Disregarding my sense of self-preservation I decided to take a couple sound studio classes so as to familiarize myself with the basics of recording and also to take advantage of the modest facilities at my disposal. At the same time I was actively seeking like minded musicians to join me on what at the time had intended to be a one-off project. Eventually I met up with drummer Libor Hadrava who had just left Infinity Minus One. The music started to come together. Art school meets Berklee. It\'s pretty obvious in hindsight. Towards the end of 2005 we decided to continue working together as the core members of what had now become the band Nascent while augmenting our sound with auxiliary contributors - notably, Thomas Hanslowe

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