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Annotations of an Autopsy Bio

Annotations of an Autopsy
Band members
Steve Regan - vocals Jam Sweeny - guitar Al Clayton - guitar Ross Davey - bass Diva Dan - drums

death metal

Five dudes with a love of real death metal, athiest views and a love of partying
’’Annotations of an autopsy formed in late 2006 with the purpose of writing aggressive low end death metal and playing it with passion, aggression and determination to insure they made their mark on the metal music scene worldwide. Influenced by bands such as devourment, skinless, circle of dead children, the acacia strain, goratory, deicide and aborted mixing old and new school death metal to form their own brand of aggressive death. Releasing their first ep ’Welcome to sludge city’ in may 2007 aoaa made their mark and formed a huge fan base off the back of it both in the uk and worldwide, aoaa toured the ep through 2007 achieving glowing reviews . Aoaa have grown to be one of if not THE most dominant force in the uk metal scene and have left their mark from their aggressive live act, they will only grow and grow, they have just unleashed ’Before the throne of infection’ one of the most anticipated cd’s of 2008. it has already received glowing reviews throughout the metal magazine community and has resulted in huge features in all the major metal magazines and have been describe as ‘’The first British death band to make a dent in the worldwide market since carcass’’ aoaa are here to stay, here to slay and here to destroy all the boundries of extreme metal. Get in the way of this vile machine and you will be destroyed

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