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Band members
Mangan Klavborn Niclas Engelin Marcus Sunesson Mikael Håkansson Daniel 'Mojjo' Moilanen


The image is one of an open space as big as the the choruses Engel conjure up. Here to chart a new course for heavy music in 2007 are five Swedes from Gothenburg from whom music provides the ultimate rush. They understand the delicate balance between skill and brutality, of drawing the heaviest dynamic out of the sweetest melody and of marrying classic metal influences with new-school characteristics.

Who are Engel, you might ask? You’ll know Niclas Engelin from his time as guitarist with Passenger alongside Anders Fridén of In Flames. Marcus Sunesson spent time with The Crown whilst also moonlighting with The Haunted (2001-02). Joining these two six string shredders are vocalist Mangan Klavborn, bassist Michael Håkansson and drummer Mojjo.

Together with In Flames’ Anders Fridén, these five musicians have been busily crafting away in Gothenburg’s IF Studios, whilst Tue Madsen (Mnemic, The Haunted) has handled mixing duties.

Engel have already supported Arch Enemy and Trivium, and are now setting their sights on you. This is it - this is now!

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