heavy metal

Bunkur Bio

Band members
M07 - Bass and vocals T13 - Percussion Wannes Gubbels - Session Bass, Vocals Martin Van Drunen - Vocals


"...Your ears get sharp and sensitive to sounds previously unheard. Whailing voices start whispering to you in tongues of
abyssic beauty; their whispering reverberates louder and louder within your deranging brains until it becomes one maelstrom
of abhorrent droning that makes you writhe in ecstasy. Then one single voice, more powerful and horrific than the others
altogether, cuts like a rusty bonesaw through the shell of your skull. You listen devotionally. Now the time is ripe. The well
opens it's gullet..."

And now the mammoth once more has arisen from it's frozen thundra to crush, kill and destroy all weak doom; exploring
and crossing the boundaries of the heritage once abandoned by the mighty Black Sabbath, Hellhammer, Winter, Autopsy,
Abruptum and Burzum offering the most punishing Doom ever: bleak, vast and ultraheavy..."bon appetit"

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