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Sinergy Bio

Band members
Kimberly Goss - lead vocals
Alexi Laiho - lead and rhythm guitars
Roope Latvala - lead and rhythm guitars
Marco Hietala - bass
Tommi Lillman - drums


The story of SINERGY began in August of 1997. This is when Kimberly met Jesper Strömblad (IN FLAMES) while touring in Europe together during her time playing with DIMMU BORGIR. They were talking about doing some kind of side project together, but as they were both so busy with their other bands, they never got around to recording anything.

Then after Kimberly's departure from DIMMU BORGIR she decided to move to Sweden and turn this "side project" into real band with a full line up. After recruiting members Alexi Laiho - lead guitar, Sharlee D'Angelo - bass and Ronny Milianowicz - drums, they entered Studio Fredman to record their debut album "Beware The Heavens" in October/ November of '98. In the beginning of 1999 Kimberly relocated and moved to Finland. This made it nearly impossible to rehearse or write music together, since three of the members lived in Sweden. The next logical step was to recruit an entirely Finnish line-up!

"Beware The Heavens" was finally released in June of '99. Just shortly after the release, they did their first tour in the wonderful country of Japan. After Japan, Kimberly & Alexi completed the new line-up with new members Roope Latvala - lead & rhythm guitars, Marco Hietala - bass & backing vocals and Tommi Lillman - drums. Kimberly and Alexi remain in the band as the original members.

Their second album, "To Hell And Back" Is now available on Nuclear Blast Records (Europe/ North America/ South America), Spinefarm Records (Finland), and Toys Factory Records (Japan)..

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