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Formed this year of 2000, Sinder came out Orange County, California. Composed of friends recent and long known the band is all within their teen-age ranging from 17 to 18 years young. From being a well felt presence within the local Hollywood scene from much support, Sinder been recognized by many as an up and coming band.With only the few performances under their belt, Sinder still delivers a great show of much energy mixed with alot of emotion. Fronted by vocalist Mike Young sets the scene of each song with his lyrical content influenced by much repressed anger and pain. Chris Ritenour paints the setting with his heavy crunchy yet melodic tones with his ranging notes. Laying the background down is Tony Samaniego who with his funk metal groove gives everything a bounce feel. Jason lory puts the finishing touches to the scene giving it all life. In all this completed Sinder welcomes and lets you get a glimpse into their own personal realm.

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