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Faithxtractor Bio

Band members
Ash Thomas - Guitar, drums, vocals, bass Marquis Thomas - Guitar, backing vocals


FAITHXTRACTOR was created by Ash Thomas in December of 2005 with the sole intention of playing Savage Old School Death Metal as an assault on the pathetic meat puppet human race. 2 songs were recorded, & sent to the newly formed label Aphotic Records who offered up a contract for a full length album. More hymns of anger were written throughout the next months, & this time it became a collaboration with Marquis Thomas, younger brother of Ash.

The studio was infiltrated early this year, and the full length album "Razing the World of Myth" is now complete. The recording came out just as the band had planned...13 songs of blunt, memorable, in your face OLD SCHOOL DEATH METAL HELL. The release will be available later this year through Aphotic Records...Stay tuned for updates & other news. Songs from the upcoming album have been posted here for those interested....FAITHXTRACTOR hopes you enjoy....if you don't...go fuck yourself....

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