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Winds of Plague
Band members
Johnny Plague - vocals Captain Andrew Glover - bass Matt Feinman - keytar Nick Eash - guitars Nick Puinno - guitars Jeff Tenney - drums

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A dark ominous cloud has been cast upon the Southern California landscape as the ferocious WINDS OF PLAGUE prepare to unleash their wrath across the U.S. with their much anticipated sophomore release. The stunning slab of brutality entitled Decimate The Weak does exactly that with its razor sharp riffs and sheer intensity backed with a monsoon of angst and inner demons that is just waiting to be expelled on stage. The quintet has similarities to a darker version of Bleeding Through with their haunting keyboards matched by a furious trashing assault, but make no mistake WINDS OF PLAGUE are paving their own path of destruction unlike anyone has yet witness.

Johnny Plague (vocals) states: "When I first heard the final product, I just leaned back in my chair with the most satisfying grin. I felt the heart and soul of my band come alive. I can only hope this album hits half as hard in the hearts of the metal and hardcore army as it did in mine. I’m even more excited to get out and spread this album to the masses. Come and join this path of destruction. Only the strong survive, decimate the weak."

The group formed in 2002 under the moniker Bleak December and changed their name to WINDS OF PLAGUE in 2005 before releasing their debut offering A Cold Day In Hell on Recourse Records. They spent most of the following summers and school breaks on the road touring with the likes of Bleeding Through, Too Pure To Die, A Love Ends Suicide, The Taste of Blood and many others. A flurry of touring activity came in the summer of 2007 on “The American Uprising Tour,” a lengthy trek with Catherine, Beneath The Sky, Born of Osiris and At The Throne of Judgment. This led them immediately into a massive U.S. run alongside Suicide Silence and Despised Icon to wrap up the year.

Decimate The Weak was recorded with Daniel Castleman (As I Lay Dying, A Love Ends Suicide) and mixed by the legendary Tue Madsen (Himsa, The Haunted). This offering still retains the band’s hardcore roots while the atmospheric sounds of Scandinavian black metal and classic American metal reign supreme.

"We have been looking for a label that suits our thoughts and ideals, and from the beginning Century Media has been nothing but genuine and has had the band's best interest as their priority," says Johnny.

Winds of Plague will be playing this year's California Metal Fest and will then begin work on their Century Media debut with Daniel Castleman (As I Lay Dying, A Love Ends Suicide). Expect the next album in late summer/early fall.

"With the addition of our new keyboard player, Matt Feinman, we have found an amazing niche that has gotten us into a groove where we're writing our best material to date," says Glover. "Once we are done recording the new album, you will see us hit the road more than your little hearts could've desired. Not only the U.S., but all over the globe before the year's over."

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