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Dead Head
Band members
Tom van Dijk - vocals, bass Ronnie van der Wey - guitar Robbie Woning - guitar Hans Spijker - drums

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Dead Head was formed April 8th 1989 in Kampen, Holland. On that day the four original members Tom van Dijk (bass, vocals), Robbie Woning (guitar), Ronnie van der Wey (guitar), and Hans Spijker (drums), decided to form a band and to become the most intensive and brutal thrash metal band Europe ever had seen. In the fine tradition of bands like Dark Angel, Kreator and Sadus they distilled their own way to compose songs and to make a solid impact on stage by pounding out their songs as if every minute could be their last.

Over the course of nearly 18 years the band recorded several impressive full length albums, bringing their thrashing fury to new hights with each following release. While the band did several tours in the early 1990s, they picked their shows more well-considered from 1995 on. Taking their time to record each new full length, the band never felt the urge to convert into a musical assembly line. The band still likes to stick to its own pace. It's quality over quantity when it comes to Dead Head.

Previous impressive full length "Haatland" (2005) brought a refreshed interest in the band, and after good response by both reviewers and public, Dipleased Records decided to contact the band. A contract was signed soon thereafter. Currently the band is in its final stages of writing new material for the new full length (working title "Depression tank") with release date in the summer of 2008. Some song titles are "Firegate", "Less than zero", "Murder" and "Pesticide" (a 1989 demo track rerecorded).

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