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Foreshadowing, the Bio

Foreshadowing, the
Band members
Marco Benevento - Vocals Alessandro Pace - Guitars Andrea Chiodetti - Guitars Francesco Sosto - Keyboards Davide Pesola - Bass Johan Padella - Drums


The Foreshadowing rushed themselves into the abyss of the world in the fall of 2005. The idea takes its origins away back in 1997 by a load of necropolitan fragments of music picked up by Alessandro Pace (aka Alex Vega with Dope Stars Inc., ex Klimt 1918 & Spiritual Front), founder of the band. His friends Andrea Chiodetti (guitar player of Grimness and ex Spiritual Front) and Francesco Sosto (keyboard player, ex Spiritual Front and Klimt 1918 sessionman) joined him soon. The trio, active from 1999, decided to put up a gothic-doom metal band with some epic and aethereal sonorities in a modern and original style and attitude, but for several reasons due to difficulties in finding right members to play with, they remained a band in the embryonic stages. This until 2006, when they were joined by drummer player Jonah Padella(Grimness), Davide Pesola (Klimt 1918) on bass and, at last, by Marco Benevento (singer of How Like a Winter) who perfectly fulfilled the line-up.
The Foreshadowing aim is to bring you into an atom-sphere of apocalyptic tragedy and alienation from humanity and everyday life with a moody and powerful music. “We don’t feel part of this world and we don’t need to believe in any creed, convention or lifestyle. We just wait for a right end of this wrong and cruel world”. The first full-length album “Days of Nothing” was recorded between Howitzer studio & Subsound studio in Rome and was mixed during autumn 2006 at Outer Sound Studio (Rome, Italy) by Giuseppe Orlando (Novembre). The mastering was done at Principal Studio (Senden, Germany) during January 2007. After several offers, The Foreshadowing are proud to announce their signing with Candlelight Records. The debut album will be released on october 2007 worldwide.

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