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Spearhead Bio

Band members
Barghest - Bass / Vocals Nephilim - Lead Guitars Invictus - Rhythm Guitars Vortigern - Drums

death metal

Founded in 2003, Spearhead recorded their debut full-length ‘Deathless Steel Command’ in June 2005, which was later released through Invictus Productions in 2006. Following the release of the promo EP ‘When The Pillars Fall’ (October 2006), Spearhead completed writing their second album, ‘Decrowning the Irenarch’ - Engineered by Wojciech Wieslawski (Vader, Decapitated, Hate, Azarath, Witchmaster, etc.) during a 2 week period in June / July 2007. An opus of imperious and martial Death Metal, propagating the timeless creed of empire and war as the sole path for telluric and transhuman mastery.

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