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A Plea For Purging Bio

A Plea For Purging
Band members
John - Bass Andy - Vocals Blake - Guitar Lyle - Guitar Aaron - Drums


Coming at you in a blaze of high-end solos A Plea For Purging waste no time in proving their instrumental prowess. Guitarists Blake Martin and Lyle Paschal leave no room for the non-descript breakdowns that seem to saturate the current metal-core market. Formed in 2005 in Nashville, Tennessee under such influences as Dragonforce and Iron Maiden A Plea For Purging banged out 200 shows in their first year as a band. The band is as well known for their antics as for their scorching live performances and sometimes the two go hand in hand: “We’ve been known to breath fire at live shows from time to time” says vocalist Andy Atkins.
When the fire isn’t coming from their mouths it is certainly coming from their hearts. Pouring forth such intensity and precision they are a sort of threshing combine running at peak performance producing highly contagious riffs and infectious harmonies.

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