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Sin Bio

Band members
Franck Renou - vocals
Damien Barquero - guitars
Vincent Brunello - keyboards, sampling


... Sin is an aggressive trip-hop/industrial flavored rock outfit whose debut album Noisy Pipes, Lovely Noises (out on Virgin France in Europe) is beginning to pick up quite a bit of stream overseas. Their track "Painful" appears on the soundtrack to The Crow : Salvation, the third installment in the Crow film series. Their dark, unsettling soundscapes lend thmeselves perfectly to the gothic setting of the film...

Something's not quite right, there's a discordant note in the air,there's a feeling we're just starting to understand that people are not always NICE, that life is not a bowl of CHERRIES,that sometimes, for no apparent reason, things HURT.

SIN's music is like life, charged with emotion, moments of joy, moments of pain. Nothing about it is straight forward or smooth. It's not unlikely that it will flay your soul if you dig too deeply into its guts.

In any case, listening to SIN is not an innocent pastime. You can't do it with your eyes glued to the TV and the remote control in your hand. You might one day be tempted to jump out of your armchair and put a bullet through the screen.

The three members of SIN did not get together to conform to a stereotype, even less to fit into some mould or some easily labelled, easily understood format. The trio seems to write and play its songs as if trying to escape from a bad dream, as if playing its final cards, mocking fate. "Noisy Pipes Lovely Noises", their first album, is redolent of this flight into the future, this never - say - die compulsion to pour it all out, without considering the consequences or what other people might think.

In their creative process, Vince, Franck and Damien haven't tried to hide the stranger aspects of their association. The mixture of machines, guitars, haunted voices and subtle nuances of sound that they bring us is always balanced on a knife edge. It is never consensual; sometimes hard, cold and tense; always extreme; torn between love and hate, harmony and discord, overdrive and melody.

In "Noisy Pipes Lovely Noises", echoes of those to whom the trio has listened can be heard. In it we can detect shades of Depeche Mode, the intensity of Soundgarden, the devilish beauty of Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson, and even the frustrations of Godflesh. But above all, and I mean above all, we're thrown behind a one-way mirror to watch a life-size rite of sound and flesh, where there is neither limitation nor censorship.

Every step of the way through "Noisy Pipes Lovely Noises", SIN forces you to witness a hypnotic snuff film which steers a course betweenreality and your most secret fantasies.

Although the band members won their spurs in other line-ups of various persuasions, SIN has now become THE catalyst for all their energy, the ultimate outlet for their influences and emotions. From "the launch" to the strange, enchanting triptych of "sanctuaire du scion" via "stolen gestures", "ambient 1", "hard pain" and the slow and heavy "SM", without forgetting their first single "Painfull", you run the whole gamut of techno rock starting from the electronic pop of post-industrial music and including mood music and tribal incursions and all without stopping once.

After all, SIN is the only captain of the ship. Meeting with them has introduced us to parallel universes where freedom of expression is the eternal watchword, disconnected from the real world. A world we would like to be ROUND, to be WARM, with no trace of BLOOD and without signs of VIOLENCE. Wrong.

The members of SIN have in their favour youth, willpower and spontaneity, their strength lies in their daring. If their choices are just as surprising as their musical orientation, that's what makes them stand out from the rest. Tomorrow will see five of them on stage. Tomorrow their music will once again suck you in, body and soul, and the more you listen, the more you will discover new pleasures, new vices, over and over again. That's why, that's truly why "Noisy Pipes Lovely Noises" is so desperately seductive.

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