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Neon Synthesis
Band members
Johnny Thyper - vocals Mike - guitars & programming Alison - bass guitar Fede - keyboards & synthesizers


Neon Synthesis is an industrial metal band from Brescia, Italy characterized by a "hammering rhythmic section, compact and essential guitars, large use of synthesizers and a powerful and versatile voice". The name of the band doesnt have a specific meaning, it only wants to suggest the idea of something cold, something synthetic, artificial.

Neon Synthesis draws from various musical styles interlaced within a common concept and draws from themes such as violence and weakness, joy and anguish. They describe themselves as "an expression of youthful tension, sons of the twentieth century split, born from the sun but corrupted by the moon. A living oxymoron."

In July 2004 we recorded our first promotional cd, simply entitled "Promo 004", and the three songs contained in this work obtained enthusiastic reviews from several Italian and European webzines. Since the release of the promo we have been playing live to promote our music, experiencing a great feedback from the audience.

The year 2005 has been very satisfying for us: a Depeche Mode song (Everything Counts) covered by ourselves has been selected to appear on the first Italian tribute cd to the English band. Moreover an intense web-promotion allowed many people to know us, and the Neon Synthesis style is now spreading, especially abroad. The end of summer 2005 also marked the end of an era, because our drummer Rens aka Vyrarld chose to left the band. We had to quit the live activity, but that allowed us to concentrate on the recordings of more tracks.

On april 27, 2006 we released a self-produced album entitled Our Empty Rooms, which contains 10 songs. Since then we began to play live concerts again, in Italy and abroad (starting with a release party in Castricum, Holland). Our Empty Rooms includes the re-recordings of our first three promo tracks and seven brand new songs. It mixes industrial metal with synthpop, darkwave with ebm beats and atmospheric keyboards. The lyrics are influenced by the poetry of Thomas Stearns Eliot.

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