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13 Winters
Band members
Die Winters - Bass/Vocals Roy Addams - Keyboards, Violin, Backing Vocals Jeff Goodine - Guitar Dave Martin - Guitar Mike Web - Drums

symphonic black metal

As the evening mist flows through the darksome woods and the wolves bay at the Moon, a pack of souls trudge through the snow in New England. Radiating both pain and reverence like the pale blue light that passes between the bare branches of the trees. This is where the souls wander, between the physical realm and the Otherworld. Through thirteen gates, this is the place where all spirits shall pass at the end of their life cycle. The Winter that must be endured on the road to Summerland. These hyms, begotten by the four most darkest souls in New England, were forged in the cold, caverns of Dark Valley Studios using material left rotting from days long past. Isolating themselves from the corruption of the outside world, they self produced and engineered the instruments of insurrection using ancient manuscripts written by the Princess of Darkness, Die Winters. The album was first enseminated on the Cold Moon of December 8th 2003, at which time Mike's drums began pounding. First softly, then louder and louder untill a God-like hammering was achieved. Once this hammering was recorded, a day of rest was required. As the Moon waned the following night, Roy took an on old bass he found laying on a graveyard wall and tuned it down untill its sound was barely audible. He then plugged it into the recorder and began playing it using the VII Tarot card. The Creature now had form, yet it still lacked a soul. Now as the Wolf Moon hung high in the clear sky, Matt five fingered an axe from the local hardware store. Entering his Father's workshop while he slept, Matt carefully tuned his axe to a precision edge with a grinder. When the desired sharpness was achieved he layed down the guitar tracks, giving the Creature defined flesh and teeth. As the Ice Moon layed its snowy arms around the lands, Roy slipped into an abandoned abby. Derelict and neglected, this is where he captured the sounds of poltergeist organs, chiors and an entire string section left behind from a long ago tragedy. Adding this to the band's work gave it skin and fur. The final item needed was the soul. Which Die gave to it by a solomn kiss. It awoke with a birth cry that shall ring out for years. What was to crawl out of those caverns was no mere beast nor man, but an entity that was above both life and death, love and loss. Bearing with it all the darkness within the physical realm and yet maintaining the honor of the Old Ones. Take head all who do not stand aside to the passing of this entity for it will encompass New England and after, the world. Preparing the throne for the Lady and Lord. To those who embrace the return of the Old Ones, the rewards shall be hefty. Those who refuse to embrace them will remain in their blindfolds untill they have passed on to Summerland. Then they too shall embrace the Lady and Lord.

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