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Sargatanas Reign Bio

Sargatanas Reign
Band members
Jonas Mattson - Vocals, Bass Stefan Vrashtar Kronqvist - Drums Kristoffer Ushatar Andersson - Guitars Marcus Lundberg - Guitar

death metal

Sargatanas Reign was formed in 1997 by Kristoffer Andersson, guitar (also The Legion ), Marcus Lundberg, guitar,(also Plague Majestic)and Stefan Kronqvist, drums (also Angst). They started of playing traditional Black Metal under the name Sargatanas and a few chaotic years followed. After a while they wanted to have the opportunity to develop as musicians and be more experimental with their art. Their music evolved into technical, yet brutal, Death Metal.

After the untimely death of bass-player Johan Ericsson new member Niklas Samuelsson joined the band. Around this time Magnus “Devo” Andersson (also Marduk, Pain) also started contributing with vocals for the band.

In 2001 they released a 7”ep called “Hellucination”. A blood red release that contained music in the style of Morbid Angel and Death. This was soon sold out. Within a year they realised their first full length album “Euthanasia...last resort”, a polished yet bloodcurling record. After this release Magnus “Devo” Andersson left the band because of his other undertakings.

Sargatanas Reign wanted to move towards better production, better songs and a more coherent release. They recruited Jonas Matsson as their new vocalist and started working on their next release. “Bloodwork - Techniques Of Torture” was realised in 2005 and got great reviews for it’s good production, technicality, intelligence and brutality. Their take on old-school American Death Metal creates a unique blend that is sure to attract fans of the most brutal metal and more commercial metal genres alike.

After the release of Bloodwork bass-player Niklas Samuelsson left the band due to personal reasons. Jonas Matsson will be mastering the bass along with vocals from now.

Sargatanas Reign are currently working hard to bring you a new album that will kill.

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