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Satriarch Bio

Band members
Rachel Centeno - vocals/bass Mick Rodriguez - lead/rhythm guitar Esteban Garza - keyboards Ben Guererro - lead/rhythm guitar Mike Vega - drums

death metal
black metal

Satriarch is the combination of the word "SATAN" AND "PATRIARCH" and thus the meaning symbolizes the INDIVIDUAL, the FREE THINKER, and a GOD amongst himself.

It is with this meaning that symbolizes the true essence of Satriarch. Formerly known as "Arsenik" the band was originally the brainchild of keyboardist Esteban Garza and officially took form in the fall of 2005. With various line-up changes it wasn't until guitarist Mick Rodriguez joined that the true songs started to take form and thus a real band was born.

In April of 2007 the band took a dramatic change for the best when recruiting vocalist Rachel Centeno in the absence of their former vocalist. After one powerful show, she proved to the band she had to skills to lead it in a better direction. Two months later the band went into Drew Room Studios to record their powerful debut self-titled EP which have gained them much respect in the local Los Angeles metal scene.

After four months playing backyard shows, the band finally got it's "break" playing with such underground metal heavyweights as POSSESSED, MALEVOLENT CREATION, ACHERON, THE CHASM as well as other established acts at THE GATHERING OF THE BESTIAL LEGION III in August 2007. This was their first "big show" and the crowd response was overwhelmingly positive.

Of course, as life goes, the band soon faced a serious disappointment with the loss of guitarist Alex Rosas and drummer Matt Potter. As differences grew and the direction of Satriarch changed, they decided to part ways with the band. The foundation of Satriarch was shaken, but the band continued on. Rachel decided to take on bass duties for the band and the search was narrowed down to finding a like-minded guitarist and drummer who share the vision of individuality, brutality, and blasphemy that Satriarch hold high.

Shortly after the departure of the two members the band was offered to open for Greek Black Metal legends ROTTING CHRIST alongside IMMOLATION and BELPHEGOR in February 2008.

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